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Tannet business development company, focuses on enterprises high-end services. It espouses these four areas: concept solution, business operation and management solution, enterprises development solution, risk solution. Tannet also provide personalized solutions and reports according to clients’ requirements. We provide a blend of expertise, experience & wisdom that assists in providing solutions because we understand the complexity ofproblems.
  Concept Solution More...  
The enterprise‘s concept solution is used to simplify & standardize business operation and management through conceptualization. Macro Enterprises conceptualization and micro enterprises conceptualization are suitable for any industries. Our services content professional terms conceptualization, enterprises strategy developing conceptualzation, enterprises goal setting conceptualization,enterprise value conceptualization,etc..
  Business Solutions More...  
Business operation and management solution is a tailor-made development plan for small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides a manager's enterprise guide。 Giving developmental direction and strategies for the express purpose of company stabilization and progress.
  Development Solution More...  
Business development solution is to further develop the company by optimizing their resources, capital management, project investment, financing and so on. The solution includes enterprises frame design program, enterprise investment plans, a project financing plan, asset’s management plan, a resources optimization plan, and privatisation of enterprises solutions, etc..
  Risk Solution More...  
Risk management and crisis solution. The former focuses on prevention and the latter focuses on solution. The solution includes Risk Pre-Assessment Program, HR loss prevention programs, company assets management program, debt restructuring program, enterprises bankruprcy relief program, etc.
  Personalized Programs And Various Reports  More...  
In order to provide all-round services to enterprises, Tannet also offers further services, such as due diligence report, Project feasibility study report, business plan, creative design plan, assets trust solution, enterprises finacial analysis report, intellectual property apologia, enterprises trust solution, industrial design mentor program, enterprises higher- training programs.
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